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Welcome to the Situation Lyrics Fiddlehead

Welcome to the Situation Fiddlehead

Welcome to the Situation Lyrics Fiddlehead

Sea levers rising
Father's in bed
Deserts widening
And his clocks won't tick
Democracy's dying
He needs some rest

Hate killed Love
The old man's depressed

So, what do you wanna say?

"Tell the boys and the girls:
Skuzz the noise
Fix your world"

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Song Credit:–

Song:– Welcome to the Situation
Singer:– Fiddlehead
Album:– Death is Nothing to Us (2023)
Producer:– Chris Teti & Fiddlehead
Written:– Pat Flynn
Label:– Run For Cover Records
Released:– August 18, 2023

About Fiddlehead:–

Fiddlehead is an American post-hardcore band formed in 2014. The band was created as a side project by members of various established bands, including Alex Henery (also known for his work in the band Basement) on vocals, Pat Flynn (also known for his work in the bands Have Heart and Sweet Jesus) on guitar, Alex Dow (of the band Anchorhead) on bass, Shawn Costa (of the band Verse) on drums, and Sonny DiPerri (also known for his work as a record producer) on guitar.

Fiddlehead's music is often characterized by a blend of post-hardcore, punk, and alternative rock elements, with emotionally charged lyrics and a raw yet melodic sound. Their music often touches on personal experiences, relationships, and introspective themes.

In 2018, Fiddlehead released their debut EP titled "Out of the Bloom," which received positive attention for its heartfelt lyrics and energetic sound. Their full-length debut album, "Springtime and Blind," was released in 2018 as well, further solidifying their place in the post-hardcore and alternative music scenes.