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The Cool Boy Lyrics Gretta Ray

The Cool Boy Gretta Ray

The Cool Boy Lyrics Gretta Ray

[Verse 1]
Leather jacket and jeans, and a gentle smile
Breaking onto the scene, sure it takes a while
But you're born for it baby, yeah it's in your bones
Used to tell you each night through the telephone
Make my way through the crowd to the barricade
Staring up at your stance, feel the whole room fade away
And suddenly I'm 22, and all I care to think and talk about is you
I wanna make you notice and focus on me

[Chorus 1]
Who cares if you've been living alone
Been growing comfortable, I'm the еxception to the rule
'Causе we'd look so good together
They'd all know that I'd won over the cool boy

[Verse 2]
When you're taking me home, it all comes rushing back
Relishing the same books, films, and deep cut tracks
Feeling as thought the way we gravitate towards each other aggravates women in your orbit
Wish they had a taste of your focus on me

[Chorus 2]
Who cares, this love's a perilous zone
If you're vulnerable then I'm the exception to the rule (exception to the rule)
'Cause we'd look so good together
They'd all know I had a hold on the cool boy

Thought I'd get out unscathed, my integrity saved
I've succumb to my rage, I should've known that cool boy's gonna blow it away
When you think of me now (think of me now), when you say my name out loud (out loud)
Does it sound like your regrets for missed chances or questions unanswered

Thought we'd look so good together
Now you make me play the role of the fool
No, they don't know that I got over the cool boy

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Song Credit:–

Song:– The Cool Boy
Singer:– Gretta Ray
Album:– Positive Spin (2023)
Producer:– Japanese Wallpaper
Written:– Gretta Ray, Japanese Wallpaper & Justin Hayward-Young
Vocals:– Gretta Ray
Released:– August 18, 2023

About Gretta Ray:–

Gretta Ray is an Australian singer-songwriter known for her folk-pop sound and introspective songwriting. She first gained attention as the winner of the Triple J Unearthed High competition in 2016, which highlighted her talent and potential as a young artist.

Her music often blends folk, pop, and indie elements, and her lyrics tend to explore personal experiences, relationships, and emotions. Gretta Ray's smooth vocals and poetic songwriting have garnered her a growing fanbase both in Australia and internationally.

Some of her popular songs include "Drive," "Unwind," and "Time." In addition to her solo work, Gretta Ray has collaborated with other artists and musicians, showcasing her versatility and willingness to explore different musical avenues.