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Show & Tell Lyrics Mick Jenkins ft. Freddie Gibbs

Show & Tell Mick Jenkins

Show & Tell Lyrics Mick Jenkins ft. Freddie Gibbs

[Intro: Mick Jenkins]
I had to show niggas
Wasn't even tryna outgrow niggas
Sometimes you just outgrow niggas

[Verse 1: Mick Jenkins]
One degree of separation these days
No hesitation, I just be a bit more patient these days
Niggas think we racing, Grand Theft Auto, five-star chase, ain't shit wasted but time
Throwing tomatoes, can't catch up, nigga, I came from behind
Nigga, I made up my mind, can't give a fuck 'bout a list
Which end we burning it at?
Loading up magazines, like, where the real journalists at?
Opinions quickly turn into trash, we flippin' the page
Penny saved, money aged like grapes
Nigga, we getting fermented bags
Tell 'em I stay on my grind like I had permanent fronts
Say they kill multiple games, AAU tournament stunts
Woo, I'm turning me up
Been lowkey as fuck
Whole Foods in the hood just started opening up
Copious smoke coming out, blunt as the dope rolling up
Sugar coats just a faux pas, know the truth won't give a fuck

[Chorus: Mick Jenkins]
I'ma have to show these niggas, I can't tell 'em shit
Too much talking and you soundin' like you sellin' shit
I'ma have to show these niggas, I'ma have to
I'ma have to show these niggas, I'ma have to
Ayy, ayy
You gon' have to show me, nigga, can't just tell me shit
Too much talking and you sounding like you selling shit
You gon' have to show me, nigga, you gon' have to
You gon' have to (Freddie)

[Verse 2: Freddie Gibbs]
You gon' have to
I'ma have to show these niggas, I can't tell 'em shit
Bought a semi-truck, fuck a Bentley, I was sick of mailin' shit, sellin' shit
Vice Lord, all willing shit
Every bitch a nigga fuck wanna have my baby, I should go celibate
Nigga, fuck that 'cause I freak hoes by the bundle, undercover lover
Got a couple 'Cali bitches like my Bally bitches and my Blood bitches been [?]
Yeah, a nigga rap but I ain't in the rap game 'cause this rap shit'll take you under
Put you in the dirt and then they throw the flowers on you when you're dead, layin' in the gutter
Gotta bring it back, baby
I be forgettin' some of y'all crack babies
Bitches do their best to try to tear me down, living legend status where I'm at, baby
Gangsta Island, put it on the map, baby
Fin ball, streets to the joint (Yeah)
Big Rabbit, I'll bounce on the bitch, city boys up a hundred points
Nigga, what? Yeah
Breaking these hoes, one of these days one of these hoes gon' break your trust, yeah
[?] trafficking, real niggas gettin' locked up, yeah
Fronting my nigga a package, I know that my package might get fucked up, yeah
Helping these niggas, one of these days one of these niggas gon' break your trust, yeah
Fuck yeah

[Verse 3: Mick Jenkins]
You gon' have to pardon my fascination with niggas' exaggerations
It's definitely no lack of imagination
And at the same time, so much to be desired
They spend so much to be desired
Need new noise
We them Hebrew boys
That walk straight in that fire, umpire says safe
Way that I'm slidin', he lyin', I can't be
Way that I write it, I gotta be playwright
Way that they folding, it gotta be laundry day, right?
It's always weird when actors get stage fright
I'm burnin' this sage like Kyrie on game night
You know niggas don't do what they say, right?

[Outro: Mick Jenkins]
You gon' have to show me, nigga
You gon' have to

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Song Credit:–

Song:– Show & Tell
Singer:– Mick Jenkins
Featuring:- Freddie Gibbs
Album:– The Patience (2023)
Producer:– Berg & VNSN
Written:– Mick Jenkins & Freddie Gibbs
Label:– RBC Records
Released:– August 18, 2023

About Mick Jenkins:–

Mick Jenkins is an American rapper and songwriter known for his introspective and socially conscious lyrics, as well as his unique blend of hip-hop and spoken word elements. He was born on April 16, 1991, in Huntsville, Alabama, and later moved to Chicago, Illinois, which played a significant role in shaping his musical style.

Mick Jenkins gained widespread recognition with his mixtape titled "The Water[s]" in 2014, which received critical acclaim for its thought-provoking themes and innovative production. The project explored various metaphors related to water, using the concept as a symbol for purification, wisdom, and self-discovery. Tracks like "Jazz" and "Martyrs" garnered attention for their lyricism and complex wordplay.

Following the success of "The Water[s]," Mick Jenkins continued to release music, including projects like "Wave[s]" (2015) and "The Healing Component" (2016). His music often delves into topics such as spirituality, personal growth, and societal issues. His lyrical depth and unique delivery style set him apart in the hip-hop landscape.

In addition to his solo work, Mick Jenkins has collaborated with various artists and producers, contributing his skills to the larger hip-hop community. He's known for his collaborations with artists like Noname, Saba, and BADBADNOTGOOD.