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Scarlxrd - Made In Hell Album Lyrics & Tracklist

Scarlxrd - Made In Hell Album Lyrics & Tracklist

Made In Hell Album Lyrics - Scarlxrd


1. Black Rxses.
2. wxrst me.
3. indecisixn.
4. 777-777-777.
5. Atxmic-Bxmb.
6. Feel Wxrthless?
8. Shadxws.

Album Credit:–

Album:– Made In Hel
Singer:– Scarlxrd
Producer:– Muppy
Written:– Scarlxrd
Label:– Lxrd Records
Released:– July 21, 2023

About Scarlxrd:–

Scarlxrd is the stage name of Marius Lucas-Antonio Listhrop, a British rapper, singer, and songwriter. He was born on June 19, 1994, in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England. Scarlxrd gained popularity for his unique blend of rap, trap, and metal influences, along with his signature style of wearing a black surgical mask.

Before adopting the Scarlxrd persona, Marius Listhrop was part of the British band Myth City, which played a more traditional rock and metal style. However, he transitioned to a solo career under the moniker Scarlxrd in 2016, and this marked a significant change in his musical direction.

Scarlxrd's music often incorporates aggressive and heavy beats, intense lyrics, and powerful energy. He has released numerous albums and singles, including "DXXM," "INFINITY," "IMMXRTALISATIXN," and "FANTASY VXID; WINTER." His style has resonated with many fans, particularly those who appreciate the fusion of hip-hop and heavy metal elements.