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Raw Thoughts VI Lyrics Chris Webby

Raw Thoughts VI Chris Webby

Raw Thoughts VI Lyrics Chris Webby

Ahh, here we are again
I wish I didn't have to keep writin' these songs
I really do
Let me warm up real quick

[Verse 1]
Another time, another year
Another chance to remind these rappers why I am who they fear
If we're bein' honest I've been gettin' tired of it here
Now it's time to say goodbye and have me sign your souvenirs
'Cause this Wednesday's the last one (Rеally?)
It's a wrap son
Seven year album rollout and thеn when that's done
I ain't really got a plan for what be comin' next
But before I dip, you know I— got a couple left
Get it off my chest and climb press
All in an eloquent way
If you don't move you might be catchin' a stray
Low-key, 'lotta rappers bitin' Webby these days
I'm a proud dad, who am I to get in the way?
Of all my sons I gave life to, look at 'em run
Feels like yesterday I taught 'em to walk
Now they become so big since I showed 'em how this shit could be done
Why would I ask for flowers in a game that's given me none?
I'm so independent I make independent rappers look dependent (Facts)
I birthed the business model
Other people took the credit
So get your shit straight
I've been around since DatPiff mixtapes
This ain't fuckin' clickbait
When I'm on the road I'm who they payin' to see
Night after night, year after year
Remainin' to be one of the coldest emcee's, undebated indeed
They try but can't replicate bein' as crazy as me
An OG in the game full of puppies and I'm Cujo
Yeah, they got some monthly's
They ain't packin' rooms though
They don't know the cypher's where I grew up payin' dues
They'll never fit in my shoes
They'll never do what I do, so
'Til the government'll get to killin' me already
What the fuck you waitin' on?
I told you Hillary, I'm ready (I'm ready)
But shit, until they get me we gon' ride it higher now
With the bars, yeah, it's lookin' like the Irish side of town
And my— minds derailed like all the damn trains these days
Got me afraid of the rain these days
But the Ukraine these days
Yeah, that's what they want us watchin'
Instead of chemical fires and clouds of dioxins
Vinyl chloride killin' with the drizzle droppin'
Breathe in or eatin' food seeped in toxins
Contaminate our crops and the water that we wash in
And tell you that's it's safe, they some lyin' motherfuckers

[Verse 2]
Now it's just another cover up
Really, I mean what the fuck?
All these black rock motherfuckers tryna come for us
Maybe we should come for them
Loadin' like the muzzle up
Pour some Ohio tap water and fill 'em up a cup
Straight from East Palestine
Make 'em all swallow it
And drive 'em to their first visit to the oncologist
Two years later when the tumors all surfaced
Just to look 'em in the eyes and tell 'em that they deserve it
We got [?], Schwab, Bill Gates
All these damn serpents
And society lyin' like they aren't tryin' to hurt us
They'll poison us for profit
They've been trimmin' down our population
Evil is the occupation with the great reset prepped
And on deck, sheep followin' sheep
Our country's fallin' apart, Biden's fallin' asleep
They put our rights up on the market and they bought 'em for cheap
While sellin' fear through propaganda then they wash and repeat, and see

[Verse 3]
They tell a boy he's a girl, no he's not he's eight
That I will not debate, let alone tolerate
All these genders nowadays
How do we accommodate?
Most of us are just confused
Why y'all gotta call it hate? (Why?)
Cancelling is all the rage
Sanity been tossed away
Kids identifyin' as animals and we call 'em brave
But fuck that, I don't care if it's my kid or not
DCF can have 'em if they shittin' in a litter box (Meow)
Did you get boosted? Well Charlie Puth did
All these shots fuckin' with hearts like Cupid
They sellin' souls to the pharmacist
Takin' blood money and suckin' Big Pharma's dick
But listen, that could never be Webby
I'd rather die a Martyr
Than be a motherfuckin' hashtag Pfizer partner
And I'm not sayin' that you're stupid if you're vaxxed though
Mr. Fiasco, all I'm sayin' is I am smarter
I know that I'm a fire starter but I tried
To tell 'em all in Raw Thoughts V
But let me add, if you got it against your will
For a job that'll pay your bills
Then your bosses should be in jail and your doctors should all be killed
And I'm sorry, that's how I feel
But they were followin' orders
You know who else was followin' orders? Nazi supporters (Yikes)
Fuck all the employers, whoever forcin' their staff to bein' forced with a jab
For a flu that they probably already had
To keep a job that gives 'em all that they have
Free country? How the fuck are we even callin' it that?
Is it like some sick joke? Is it all for a laugh?
Have we truly reached a point that were too lost to get back?
Are we body positive? Is it fine to be fat?
It's actually healthy according to some scientists stats
But look, Nestle is the company supplyin' the facts
That's a conspiracy and I'm just not subscribing to that
So get your tin foil hat and never come back again
Racist colonizer, I will never play your tracks again
'Til you say sorry for bein' white
Not that again
How you blamin' me for slavery? Shit, I'm Italian
Only on your mother's side, see, you just fucking lied
Shut the fuck up, yo, damn, let me fuckin' slide
Not gettin' cancelled already has been a bumpy ride
You expect me to run and hide? Never that

[Verse 4]
I be Ivermectin with it
Yeah, I gave 'em the remedy
Hit the game with the recipe
Did it safe and effectively
Saw the Grim Reaper just a couple paces ahead of me
But we cut a side deal and dug a grave for my enemies
And the thing about the truth is (What?)
They don't let us see
And the thing about the proof is (What?)
They keep it from me
While the thing about the news is (What?)
It's made for dummies
And the thing about the Jews is (Uhhhh)
Wait, did my song censor itself?
Aw, great, now they'll say I'm antisemitic as well, its alright
And make sure my records never will sell
Say what you will about 'em yo but shit, they clever as hell
Jesus Christ folks, are we at the point where as a white guy I gotta ask if it's fine if I make a white joke? (Come on)
A little extra mayonnaise up on the side joke? (Why not?)
A little I don't get pulled over when I drive joke? (Come on)
Lighten up people, we ain't so different
The two teams now are the compliers and the dissidents
So pick a side, ain't no time for you to sit the fence
Say, "Fuck this", refuse to be a participant
Awake yourself from the cloud of cognitive dissonance
Conspiracies are comin' true, it's no coincidence
The ones with power bankin' on us stayin' ignorant
That's why they hate us when we give a shit
So listen, 'cause if everybody gave a shit at once
Then their game would all be done
If the people united against the few that run the planet
We would take 'em in a month
I don't know what would come after
After all I'm just a rapper
Tryna spread truth while I'm still on Earth
And sometimes with the truth, that shit gon' hurt
Last Wednesday bitch, but before I dip off
I got some people that I gotta piss off first, Webby
Raw Thoughts (Fuck Ted Cruz too)

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Song Credit:–

Song:– Raw Thoughts VI
Singer:– Chris Webby
Album:– Last Wednesday
Producer:– JP On Da Track, Nox Beatz & Kyle C.E
Written:– Chris Webby
Released:– August 16, 2023

About Chris Webby:–

Chris Webby, whose real name is Christian Webster, is an American rapper and songwriter. He gained recognition for his clever wordplay, intricate rhymes, and energetic delivery. Webby first started gaining attention through his mixtapes and online presence, which helped him build a dedicated fanbase.

He was born on October 13, 1988, in Norwalk, Connecticut. Webby's music often covers a range of topics, including his personal experiences, social issues, and pop culture references. He's known for his quick wit and versatile style, blending humor with deeper themes.

Some of his popular mixtapes include "The White Noise LP," "Bars On Me," and "Webster's Laboratory." He has also released several studio albums, including "Chemically Imbalanced" and "Wednesday." His music often incorporates elements of hip-hop, rap, and sometimes rock influences.