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Porch Steps! Lyrics REASON ft. Dirty Dell & Junii

Porch Steps REASON

Porch Steps! Lyrics REASON ft. Dirty Dell & Junii

[Intro: REASON]
September 22nd 2015
Yeah, yeah
One-two, one-two, one-two

[Verse 1: REASON]
Straight up off them porch steps, I ain't ran my course yet
I done made some bad choices, I been feelin’ boisterous
I been feelin' energetic, get it from these porch steps
The city gon' give me fuel, the ghetto like a fortress
I just heard gun talk, that nigga ain’t hoarse yet
That nigga gon' keep yellin', blood gon' keep spillin'
Hope it ain't my brother blood, why we makin' bad decisions?
Bullets went crashin' in ’em, prayers don’t cover accidentals
Why we make bad decisions? Ghetto like a fortress
Why a tell queen, "No"? Why I tell these whores, "Yes"?
She just wanna love a nigga then she gon' buss it open
My girl gon’ buss it too, but this one doin' more provokin'
Shake it like a rattle, lose battle every single moment
Forget my girl got feelings, can't hurt her if she don’t know it
Why we makin' bad decisions? That shit just poor stress
Why we never leave the hood? The ghetto a fortress
Ayy, ayy, ayy

[Chorus: Junii]
Oh, fuck it, I'm at God speed
See I got too many problems and I know I keep it poppin', I'ma fuck up all night
Mama told me to be cautious, got me movin' way back
I can tell I got some problems, gotta get it how I want it 'til I got it
And that's alright, uh
Back up on the porch steps, huggin' the block, ayy
Jams out the stereo bumpin' a lot, uh
Never hesitatin' when I'm uppin' the Glock
But I swear I wanna leave out, ah, hey, hey, hey, hey
I swear, I wanna leave out, hey (Yeah), hey (Yeah), hey, hey, hey

[Verse 2: REASON]
Glock 17 in the shorts, he never wore it
God fearin', positive nigga, mama adore him, we was chasin' goals
We both lived in the hood, but it ain't what we chose
I quit hoops, he stayed steady, focused on the road
Said Rob, "I ain't reach my dreams, I'm glad you reachin' yours"
Through Christ anything possible
Most positive nigga I knew, nothin' else optional
So how Dell die from a bullet? That shit ain't logical, shit
Some days I think about Chuck
'Cause he just lost his best friend, niggas ain't ownin' up
And to think that it's even a thought that he set him up, shit
But grief a motherfucker
Some days, I just wish that we could love each other
Dell, if you listenin', thank you for your positive forces
The ghetto feel too normal, so we treat it like fortress
I wonder how it'd be if we had different porches
Rest in peace, Wandell

[Outro: Dirty Dell]
Whether it's the stoop or the steps
The older we get our kin sin blown by the wind, only a few of us left, two of us left
One of us left and found success
And we look at bro like a square for findin' hope 'cause it's somethin' that none of us kept
Crabs in a barrel, pinchin' and pullin', pinchin' and pullin', pinchin' and pullin'
Surprised we got limbs remainin'
Gotta stay ten toes, shit, if all ten remainin'
I know God lookin' at me foul the way I been complainin' about these porch scenarios He's been arrangin'
When will the, "Woe is me's" wear off and
When will this chip on my shoulder get small enough to tear off?
Eyes dry from the amount of time me and my demons been havin' a stare off
As the demons lurk below the steps, the angels peak above
But we're too fixated on this motherfuckin' porch to receive the love
Nitpickin' each difference from each stoop or step
While ignorin' the fact that the view from the roof is best
We don't have to be used to less
We don't have to be used to less

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Song Credit:–

Song:– Porch Steps!
Singer:– REASON
Featuring:- Dirty Dell & Junii
Album:– Porches (2023)
Producer:– Coleman & Shaq
Written:– REASON & Dirty Dell
Released:– August 11, 2023