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Off The Head Lyrics KATO2X ft. Key Glock

Off The Head KATO2X ft. Key Glock

Off The Head Lyrics KATO2X ft. Key Glock

[Intro: Key Glock]
Ayy, turn up some right here for me
(Let the BandPlay)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, huh, yeah, huh, yeah, huh, yeah, huh

[Verse 1: Key Glock]
Yeah, fuck that shit, I'm going straight off the head (Fuck it)
Yeah, my opps ain't shit 'cause I still ain't dead (Fuck 'em)
Yeah, humble-ass nigga with a whole 'lotta bread
I cut this check and put it right on your head (Uh)
Or I might drop a brick on your head like Craig
I'm poppin' my shit, middle fingers to the feds
Yeah, I don't give a fuck and I said what I said
If you know, you know, stop playin'
Yeah, big drums stepping like a marching band (Stepping)
A young rich nigga richer than your dad (Yeah)
Can't trust no bitch, I can't go out sad
Got a big Glock on me, yeah, it come in handy (Bah, bah, bah, bah)
I'm a bad lil' nigga, R.I.P. my granny
Yeah, baby, I'm the shit, please excuse my grammar (Shh)
Yeah, I was on the block, my momma in the slammer
Yeah, never ever catch my without my hammer (Nuh-uh)
Reach for some shit over here, yeah, I dare you (Uh-huh)
Young niggas masked up just like Terrance
If you ain't with the gang, nigga, you should be scared (Gang, gang)
Yeah, choppas and bitches in pairs (Ha)
Choppa from Russia and bitches from Paris, yeah (Bah, bah)
I'm getting money, you dig? (Phew, phew)
I'm chasing that bag, like Tom, not Jerry, yeah
I'm getting money, you dig? (Phew, phew)
I'm chasing that bag, these niggas be playin', yeah
I'm getting money, you dig?
I just spent a bag, that lil' shit was petty (Yeah)
Money keep calling, yeah, I gotta go get it (Brrt, go, go)
Swish, bitch, I ball, might be it
Just told this ho I don't do no kissing
Bitch, yeah, no kizzy (Uh-uh)
Shootin' up shit just like Mike Miller (Uh-huh)
Nigga want beef, make him reconsider (Uh-huh)
Play with your bitch, yeah, you heard Flippa (Uh-huh)
Cutthroat, off the head with it (Fuck 'em)

[Bridge: KATO2X]
You thought we was done?

[Verse 2: KATO2X]
Can't be stopped, nigga can't fuck with us (Can't)
I hang with killers, wanting everybody hear 'em (Fah, fah)
Cartier watches and I came presidential (Ice)
I like thot hoes, I don't like sentimental (No)
First nigga did me, just damn near killed him
Walk down, close range, hop out the rental (Bitch)
Niggas beginners, they never been killers
How you gon' dip and you don't even tote a pistol?
My city know that I'm the biggest (The biggest)
My young nigga turnt and they hear me with semis (With semis)
Jumping in water, die in it (Die in it)
Never blink on the mission, on the road to the riches (The riches)
Fucking off racks on Louis
I'm still fighting a murder, I can't let 'em get me (Can't get me)
They see all this ice and I'm winning
These foreigns and bitches, this just the beginning (I stamp it)
I'm doing this shit with no deal (No deal)
I fuck with his opp', he know how I live (How I live)
We in the house on the hill
Don't come to the door if you ain't got you a kill (A kill)
Don't squeal if you go on a drill (Don't squeal)
Gotta take me serious, I'm fucking off M's (Off M's)
I fuck when I bump Lil' Tim
They hit your neck, don't aim at the rims (Stamp it)
Can't live how I live, you don't feel how I feel
Putting all the work in for a big good year (Good year)
Bitches gon' come 'cause they knowing I'm here
And this ice on my chest hittin' like chandelier
Drop house ain't gon' let shit near
Pump-fake from the front, we gon' hit you from the rear
Sip on mud, I don't drink shit clear
And all my opps dead, them niggas ain't here

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Song Credit:–

Song:– Off The Head
Singer:– KATO2X
Featuring:- Key Glock
Album:– Something To Give Each Other
Producer:– BandPlay
Written:– KATO2X, Key Glock, BandPlay & Foogiano
Label:– 1017 Records & Atlantic Records
Released:– August 10, 2023