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NOTHING! Lyrics Brye


NOTHING! Lyrics Brye

[Verse 1]
Some middle aged gym bro with nothing else to do
Is typing in all caps saying I should lose a few
And I'm planning my reply, wasting my energy
On some unimportant guy only trying to bait me

And the more time I spend on him, the less I spend on me
And the less I spend on me, the less that I'm recovering
I'm drafting up responses, trying to say the perfect thing
When the only thing I should be saying is

[Verse 2]
I'm squeezing into jeans 'cause they don't carry my size
And they don't really make clothes for bodies that look like mine
And Grace won't stop complaining about how fat she feels
While I'm in the other changing room wishing I could disappear

And the more that I dwell on this, the more that I hate me
And the more that I hate me, the less that I'm recovering
Wishing I could rapidly change everything about me
When the only thing I should be changing is

The only thing I should be changing is

[Verse 3]
When my thoughts get mean what should I do? (Disengage)
When I feel shame about eating food (Eat it anyway)
When I gain weight what should I do? (Throw the scale away)
The only thing I should be doing is

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Song Credit:–

Singer:– Brye
Producer:– Brye
Written:– Brye & Evan Blum
Released:– August 16, 2023

About Brye:–

Brye is an emerging American singer-songwriter known for her indie pop and alternative music style. Here's what I can tell you about Brye up to that point:

Early Start: Brye, whose full name is Brye Sebring, started gaining attention for her music at a relatively young age. She began writing and recording songs while she was still a teenager.

Breakthrough Song - "LEMONS": Brye's breakout single "LEMONS" was released in 2020 and quickly garnered attention for its catchy melody, introspective lyrics, and her unique vocal delivery. The song's DIY production and relatable themes resonated with a wide audience.

Lyrical Themes: Brye's music often explores themes of self-discovery, mental health, relationships, and the challenges of growing up. Her lyrics are often introspective and relatable to her young audience.

Indie Pop Sound: Her music can be characterized as indie pop with a touch of alternative influences. Her tracks often feature a blend of acoustic and electronic elements, giving her songs a distinctive sonic quality.

Growing Fanbase: Thanks to the popularity of "LEMONS," Brye started to gain a significant online following and received attention from music publications and platforms.

EP - "II": Brye released her debut EP titled "II" in 2021. This EP features a collection of songs that continue to explore her unique sound and personal experiences.

Artistic Visuals: Brye's music videos and visual aesthetics often complement her music with artistic and creative visuals that enhance the overall experience.

Independent Approach: Similar to other emerging artists, Brye has embraced an independent approach to her music career. She has used platforms like TikTok and YouTube to connect with her audience and share her music.