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Miami Rainbows Lyrics BLP KOSHER

Miami Rainbows Lyrics BLP KOSHER

Miami Rainbows Lyrics BLP KOSHER

He caught a Rico, did him nasty, let my people go like pharoah
Hit off spinning in reverse, that's a fakie caballero
The air quality ain't good, heavy smoke snort like [?]
I'm in the hills with that Tommy, with that Tommy no Guerrero
And I was at the bus stop like a scarecrow
She got expensive taste so I bought her bone marrow
I'm from broward but I go M.I.A, come and grab amango
I'm feeling lucky, meet me at the end of the rainbow
Her pussy hot pink, hubba bubba, this ain't no flamingo
I ain't double R, I'm tryna be a star like I'm Ringo
I'm a big Jew, I don't hang around gringos
This ain't a game but life a maze so I forever Pac-Man
Sonic advеnture, I'm bussin' back at Dr. Eggman
I keep a fish stick [?] wet lands
And I'm chained up, XXL I'm feelin' frеsh man
And my pockets steady, I might buy a home in red lands
And he think he made of steal, feel him up with lead ends
I ran away from that Cougar, I'm a Ginger Bread man
I'm in Carol City, pop out with my dawg like the Raider Klan
Catch them boys loafing, I'm at your door like who's the baker man
Toolin' [?] I'm a pro, I don't use ableton
I'm getting in the club, and I put it in my shoe (Ayy)
Got it out the mud and I put it on my Jew (Yeah)
Shiesty had a vision, we used to call each other "Jew-Pac"
I ain't waitin' for no stamps for all the time that I say coupons
Don't give a fuck about what you on
[?] corduroy
Hoppin' out on feet, you know I like to run a relay boy (Relay boy)
'Cause you just peep, but I'm a beamer boy (Beamer boy)
[?] it ain't [?]
Hundred round drums, I like making noise
I put metal in your mouth and that's not a [?]
24k, bite down, I'm a big boy
And I keep the carbon, I don't fit LaCroix (Yeah)
I might paint the city red, no chamoy
I was in the rat's mouth skating with [?]
Derrick Cabrera street dreams, but I am not Troy
Passin' flowers out, I'm in the rain, not Coi
And all my money green, I'm getting Bok Choi (Bok Choi)
A couple months ago I was unemployed
I'll beat a cracker ass, Oscar De La Hoya
Prehistoric, yeah, that shit get metaphoric
'Tis the season, pull up and I bring the flavor like McCormick
Metamorphosis, I'm from the crib don't get stung by a hornet
They say storms don't last forever, once it starts I'm heading towards

This that fire for sure
[?] fire
This shit bussin'

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Song Credit:–

Song:– Miami Rainbows
Album:– Bars Mitzvah (2023)
Producer:– Chi Chi, Hoodrich Keem & JUKO
Written:– BLP KOSHER
Released:– August 4, 2023