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Lonnie P Lyrics Vince Staples & The Alchemist

Lonnie P Vince Staples & The Alchemist

Lonnie P Lyrics Vince Staples & The Alchemist

Yeah, yeah, uh-huh
Yeah, Norfside, six-five, six-seven

[Verse 1]
Woo me baby, blue Mercedes, new 380 (Yeah, yeah, Hellcat)
If I was Mike I woulda shot that nigga Stacy
I feel like Mike in '98 (On my boys)
They tried to play me so I shot it in his face
Got it out the mud (Yeah), got it out of state (Facts)
Arizona jug (Uh-huh), California plate (Yeah)
She my California love (Yeah), we can californicate
Wanna party with a thug, you might have to take the case
You ain't never faced a felony, ain't never fought the state
I ain't never been no lame, heard them fellas bought your gang, how was that? (I would really like to know)
I can tell how you rap (For real)
You would probably tell if it ever came to that, but

If it ever came to that, but (Yeah)
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 2]
He run up on me, Imma have to let the stick blow
She say she love me, I might have to let that bitch go (Yeah)
Me and my brothers like the Klitschkos
We got the rocket, made 'em panic at the WinCo
You know it's win some, lose some, win more (Win more)
Yeah, who's that creepin' in my window? (Hey)
Meet the flocka with a choppa
Wave hi to the helicopter (Hey, hello)
Gang slides down Orizaba (Yeah)
Cannot see my gang file, I hope my picture proper
I like to throw my weight 'round, I wait around for nada (Nah)
And I can put that on my momma

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Song Credit:–

Song:– Lonnie P
Singer:– Vince Staples & The Alchemist
Producer:– The Alchemist
Written:– Vince Staples & The Alchemist
Released:– August 9, 2023

About Vince Staples:–

Vince Staples is an American rapper, songwriter, and actor known for his distinctive voice, thoughtful lyrics, and unique perspective on various social and cultural issues. He was born on July 2, 1993, in Long Beach, California.

Staples gained attention in the hip-hop scene with his early mixtapes, which showcased his lyrical prowess and ability to address complex subjects. He first rose to prominence with his debut studio album, "Summertime '06," released in 2015. The album received critical acclaim for its raw storytelling, touching on themes like violence, poverty, and the challenges faced by young people in marginalized communities.

Some of Vince Staples' notable works include:

"Summertime '06" (2015) - This double album debut is considered one of his most significant releases. It paints a vivid picture of his upbringing and experiences growing up in Long Beach.

"Big Fish Theory" (2017) - This album showcased a departure from traditional hip-hop sounds, incorporating electronic and experimental elements. It received praise for its innovation and willingness to push boundaries.

"FM!" (2018) - A shorter project that has a radio station concept, "FM!" features tracks that are radio-friendly and highlight Staples' skills in crafting catchy hooks.

"Vince Staples" (2021) - This self-titled album marked a return to his more introspective and personal storytelling, exploring themes of mental health, relationships, and his own growth.

Vince Staples' music often delves into socio-political commentary, addressing issues like systemic racism, poverty, and the challenges faced by Black communities. His lyrics are known for their honesty and directness, offering listeners a glimpse into his life and perspective.

About The Alchemist:–

"The Alchemist" American record producer and rapper named Alan Daniel Maman, who is professionally known as The Alchemist. He has gained significant recognition in the hip-hop music industry for his production work, collaborations, and solo projects.

The Alchemist has produced music for numerous prominent artists in the hip-hop scene, including Eminem, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Mobb Deep, and many others. He's known for his skill in creating distinctive and often moody beats that incorporate a wide range of samples and sounds. He has also released several instrumental albums and collaborative projects with artists like rapper Action Bronson.