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ken carson Lyrics Ken Carson

ken carson Lyrics Ken Carson

ken carson Lyrics Ken Carson

...from the back
She said she love me, I told that bitch, "I ain't on that"
It's Double O gang, it's Double O gang, yeah, we not afraid
Diamonds on my ring, diamonds on my chain, yeah, VVS
I ain't talkin' 'bout DJ Khaled, but, uh, we the best
I charge 100K for my talents, huh, nothin' less
And I just popped this X, and I can feel it in my chest
I can feel it kickin' in, woah, Lionel Messi
She can't fit me in her skin, woah, she get stretched
I had money way before a blue check
I had money way before this shit
I sing to your bitch like Jodeci
I sing to your bitch, like, woah
You dropped, and nobody noticed it
I go viral every time I post
I been tourin' coast to coast
I sip drank every time that I smoke, woah

Kush smoke in my lungs
Tattoos on my neck and on my arms
I can tell by the way she look, huh-huh, she want some
She ask me what's my name, and then she ask me where I'm from (Yeah)
Bitch, I'm Ken Carson, I'm from Atlanta, I like to pour fours in my Fanta
Ain't got no time for no bitch, but I fuck on a ho, and I get right to the money after
Ain't got no time for no bitch, man, I just want some throat, if you don't do it quick, I'ma cancel
These niggas constipated, and they know I'm the shit, yeah, I need me some Pampers

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Song Credit:–

Song:– ken carson
Singer:– Ken Carson
Album:– A GREAT CHAOS (2023)
Producer:– Lukrative & Lucian (Neilaworld)
Written:– Ken Carson, Lukrative & Lucian (Neilaworld)
Label:- Interscope Records & Opium
Released:– August 11, 2023

About Ken Carson:–

Ken Carson is an American rapper associated with the SoundCloud rap and trap music scenes. He's known for his melodic and energetic style, often featuring autotuned vocals and catchy hooks in his music.

Ken Carson is affiliated with artists like Playboi Carti and is part of the Whole Lotta Red collective. He gained recognition through SoundCloud and other online platforms, releasing tracks that resonated with fans of the modern hip-hop sound.