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J’s & Z’s Lyrics BLP KOSHER & Trapland Pat

J’s & Z’s Lyrics BLP KOSHER & Trapland Pat

J’s & Z’s Lyrics BLP KOSHER & Trapland Pat

(Ooh, shit, that's a Danny G beat)
(Supreme on the beat)
Water, ayy

[Verse 1: BLP KOSHER]
Thai food, I paint the city red and shoot shit like I'm Curry
The way I rap, Helen Keller probably fuckin' heard me
Forty out the gate, came out the roof, that demolition derby
Demogorgon out the Drac', that's a big-ass dirty thirty
He want smoke, surround that boy with water, come to the peninsula
I used to sin, but now my life a movie, I don't wanna sin no more
I got 'em tired of that lil' gas, Ashkenazis in the cut
They say Jewpac back, hit 'em up
Extendo camе from Houston, everything bigger in Tеxas
Bendin' all these fuck crackers' block like it's Perplexus
Every man for themselves, so why you think my chopper sexist?
I could shoot all them boys, no court 'cause I'm a weapon
I grab the Visa card and then I peel the car
Zach put ice around my neck, I guess I'm 'bout to be a star
And when I teach these people how to step, they spread they feet apart
Opp whores, I see them through the scope, they wearin' leotards
Brother of a villain, the rap reptilian
Tried to sit me down, I'm jumpin' over benches, Stevie Williams
Layin' all my opps for all the times I napped inside pavilions
If I don't like what's on the table, then I flip it, Keenan Milton
That Glock go yodelayheehoo, but I ain't Amish, Ashkenazi
Yeah, that thirty on my hip is stuck to me like it's epoxied
Her daddy hate who? I'm smokin' deadass Nazis
There's security at the gate, but ain't nobody that gon' stop me
Them boys folded, I could crack 'em like an egg, but I'ma let them slide
Anti-dreidel, Judeophobic, get they ass desensitized
Tell the opps, "I'm 'bout to bust your ass, you need exercise"
Opp hoes, I'm goin' Kevin Gates, they call it sexercise

[Verse 2: Trapland Pat]
It been a lot on my plate, it's time to do the dishes
It's gon' be a whole lot of traffic on this road to riches
I mix the high with the [?], but I ain't fill no bucket up with fishes
Every bitch I come across gon' tote a broom, but I don't deal with witches
My main man just got jammed for a first-degree
It's just me and BLP, bae, keep it G, is you gon' keep it P?
He don't wanna rap, just wanna spin just like a DVD
I'm at the roundtable, once you stable, you could eat with me
Yeah, Deerfield Beach, we 'bout to kick the door
Them boys went to stinkin' up the place, put 'em in the floor
Jet lag, [?] AirTag on my favorite ho
She be trippin' when I come around [?]
Yeah, we got this shit for sale with you on the floor
With my favorite Jew, if you ain't know, now I bet you know
Every time we get the ball, I call a play and let my Jews score
They gon' remember us for years, how we write like Edgar Allen Poe (Water)

[Verse 3: BLP KOSHER]
Them boys Edgar Allen, poor-ass jit, this ain't a pun
I know nothin' 'bout the NRA, but I still keep a gun
I'm from Exit 42, but rock out like Sum 41
I took an L, but now that boy a W man, he fuckin' won
Potato on the chop, tell 'em I love you a latke
This my third time back around, I hit the curb like Sandy Baca
Pray I won't have to release, tryna release my inner chakra
Hit them roaches with them rays, watch them scat, La Cucaracha

[Verse 4: Trapland Pat]
Yeah, [?], you know how we do
Don't even gotta touch my old stash, all this money new
Rockefeller china, gold planet just like DJ Clue
Penthouse floor, you got the dough, then you can pick a view
Ain't tryna get no papercut, I love usin' the money counter
He ain't follow through with the move, I hit him with a counter
If you ain't Exit 41 or 42, then you an out-of-towner

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Song Credit:–

Song:– J’s & Z’s
Singer:– BLP KOSHER & Trapland Pat
Album:– Bars Mitzvah (2023)
Producer:– Danny G & Supreme Ape
Written:– BLP KOSHER & Trapland Pat
Released:– August 4, 2023