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I Don’t Trust You! Lyrics REASON ft. Doechii

I Don’t Trust You! REASON

I Don’t Trust You! Lyrics REASON ft. Doechii

[Intro: REASON]

[Verse 1: REASON]
Days feel short, long road night trips
We was workin' hard, nine to five by the day
Top caught up, whole life got flipped
Had good times with some women that I love
Shit moved fast but I love overspent
Last time shorty hit my line, she was salty
Came to the city so I put her at the Ritz
I feel like I’m the next man up
City on my shoulder right next to the chip
Money still blue like I got it from a Crip
Yay been good like I got it from a blip
I remember when you turn me down for a nigga with some money and a chain, can't blame one bit
Money make 'em come then the money make ’em go
Save me the feelings and the time would've spent
Now nigga paid, got a nice deal
Spent bands on the chain, that's a light bill
Pulled up to the city for a light thrill
Shit smooth but it gotta have the right feel
I be moving 'round like I'm normal
Niggas call like they did somethin' for me
Wasn't homies but it's love, we was cordial
Niggas changed like oil pressure wrong
Handled that with the passi
Pressure, hit ’em niggas turned to Tekashi
Crucifixion, tell some niggas to cross me, wait
Why you talkin’ like we partners? Wait
I do business with the bosses, business meetings over [?] and fresh calamari
Blessings, God put 'em on me
Y’all don't want it, if the shit wasn't for me, real shit
Life hard, lost homies, I was real sick
Kept pushin' us, the shit you gotta deal with
Fast food, I’m tryna get a meal quick
Fast food, I'm tryna get a meal quick
The guy came from nothin' so everything that I'm giving', I love it
I remember sellin' sex to the public
Now I'm in Saks, this barely a budget, it's REAS'

[Chorus: Doechii & Junii]
I don't trust you
One thing on my mind and it's a feelin' so true
Keep you on my line, I can't pretend I love you
You run me outta the fire
You always on my mind and it's a feelin', feelin'

[Verse 2: Doechii & Junii]
Feelin' complacent, I've been wastin', am I waitin too long?
I mean let's face it, now that I mention, I've been way too calm
It's been portraits and autographs, last year was Mardi Gras
[?], I've been patient but you takin' too long
Need myself to catch up to who I become
No tea cups or belly dancers to entertain my demons and
I need more space and more grace from like everyone and
I need myself to catch up, catch

[Chorus: Doechii & Junii]
I don't trust you
One thing on my mind and it's a feelin' so true
Keep you on my line, I can't pretend I love you
You run me outta the fire
You always on my mind and it's a feelin', feelin'

[Interlude 1]
Shit, goddamn it
They wanna talk but they call me a ignorant motherfucker
Bitch, I'll be ignorant
I'll be ignorant, bitch
Every day you wake up worried about some shit, bitch
I ain't got shit to worry about 'cause I don't know a goddamn thing
Police come around askin', "Who did this?", "Get did what?"
That's how the motherfuck you get caught up, bitch
Talkin' to God damn much, shit
Shut the fuck up
You know, you think you know, you think you know
You think you know and then thinkin' two different things, you dumb motherfucker
I don't think about nobody so I don't know shit

[Verse 3: REASON]
Ignorance, livin'
I find my peace in forgettin' (Yeah)
Focus on all that I got
Forget about times we didn't (Huh)
Know any second we can lose those hours so I never waste single minutes (Yeah, yeah)
Them tough times stuck in my hands
No wonder my brain always tickin'
Reminiscin', mama made my sandwich with the chips in the center Remind me so much of my heart, I swear, the best part is in the middle
Now I question life, if I'm doin' it right
Ironic, make livin' off riddles
Work hard, I can't place, I can't fiddle (Nah)
No, I cannot place, I can't fiddle

[Bridge: Doechii & Junii]
I told my demons, I can't hold you
For greed and proud gon' turn you to the old you
You can't let that ignorant shit mold you
I can't chase my dreams like I'm supposed to
I can't shake that shit from the...

[Outro: REASON]
No matter where a nigga name glow to me
No matter where a nigga fame glows to a nigga
No matter how a nigga chain glows to a nigga
No matter if I push a Range Rove still nigga

[Interlude: REASON]
It ain't been easy either, shit
Heartbreak, nigga, loss
Real loss
I done seen you walk up on this block
Up and down, I done seen the ups and the downs
You feel me?
A lot of things been unsure but we
We may not know what come but
One thing we know, we got family
We got real family
No fuckin' Dom Toretto shit, nigga, I'm talking 'bout that real life
Family, nigga
You can depend on a whole lot of shit that ain't gon' last, nigga
This money ain't gon' last
These bitches ain't gon' last
Some of these friends ain't gon' last, nigga
Your family gon' be here
Family come first, nigga

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Song Credit:–

Song:– I Don’t Trust You!
Singer:– REASON
Featuring:- Doechii
Album:– Porches (2023)
Producer:– Mike Hector, Nami, Nabeyin & OHGOSHLEOTUS
Written:– REASON, Doechii, Junii, Mike Hector, Nami, Nabeyin, Markeith Nelson & OHGOSHLEOTUS
Released:– August 11, 2023