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Headlights On Lyrics Wild Nothing ft. Hatchie

Headlights On Wild Nothing ft. Hatchie

Headlights On Lyrics Wild Nothing

[Verse 1]
It's getting late, I'm tripping in the dark
My shirt draped over the moon
I'm just trying to hold on to you
I leave my headlights on
I only feel like myself at night
Don't always treat you right, but—
I don't know how to be subtle with
All the things I hate about myself

[Verse 2]
You try to calm me and I turn away, I always turn away
I don't know why I have to be this way
I'd rather not be so hard to love
I fucked it up, I fucked it up again
Was there even a chance I could change?
Or am I resolute to stay the same? (Stay the same)

I hope you're here whenever I emerge
I'm buried up to my eyes
But please don't ever stop pulling me out
I'm so folded up inside of you

I keep my headlights on
I keep my headlights on
I keep my headlights on
I keep my headlights on

I'm so folded up inside of you
I don't know if I'm me or you

[Verse 3]
You've always loved me more than I deserve
And maybe that's the thing
I don't feel like I earned your faith
Wanna hear that I'm not too late
Let's take it back to spending every night
Third floor on Engert Avenue, introduction in faded sheets
I'll always have that part of you

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Song Credit:–

Song:– Headlights On
Singer:– Wild Nothing
Featuring:- Hatchie
Album:– Hold (2023)
Producer:– Jack Tatum
Written:– Jack Tatum
Label:– Captured Tracks
Vocals:– Jack Tatum
Released:– August 16, 2023

About Wild Nothing:–

Wild Nothing is an American indie rock and dream pop project formed by musician and songwriter Jack Tatum. The project originated in Blacksburg, Virginia, and has gained recognition for its dreamy, atmospheric sound. Here are some key points about Wild Nothing:

Formation: Wild Nothing was formed by Jack Tatum in 2009. Tatum started recording music under the name Wild Nothing while he was a student at Virginia Tech.

Musical Style: The music of Wild Nothing is often described as dream pop or indie pop. It is characterized by lush, layered soundscapes, reverb-drenched guitars, and Tatum's soft, ethereal vocals. The music often evokes a sense of nostalgia.

Debut Album "Gemini": The project gained significant attention with its debut album, "Gemini," released in 2010. The album received critical acclaim for its hazy, lo-fi sound and memorable melodies.

Subsequent Albums: Wild Nothing has released several more albums, including "Nocturne" (2012), "Life of Pause" (2016), "Indigo" (2018), and "Laughing Gas" (2021). Each album has showcased the evolution of Tatum's sound.

Notable Songs: Some of Wild Nothing's notable songs include "Chinatown," "Shadow," "Paradise," and "Letting Go."

Live Performances: Tatum and a rotating lineup of musicians have toured extensively to support Wild Nothing's albums. Their live performances often capture the dreamy and atmospheric qualities of their music.

Influence: Wild Nothing's music has been influential in the dream pop and indie scenes, inspiring other artists to explore similar sonic landscapes.

Visual Aesthetics: The project pays attention to visual aesthetics, with album artwork and music videos often complementing the dreamy and nostalgic themes of the music.

Exploration of Themes: Lyrically, Wild Nothing explores themes of memory, youth, and the passage of time, which align with the dreamy and nostalgic atmosphere of their music.

About Hatchie:–

Hatchie is the stage name of Harriette Pilbeam, an Australian singer-songwriter and musician known for her dream pop and shoegaze-influenced music. Here are some key points about Hatchie:

Early Life and Background: Harriette Pilbeam was born in 1993 in Brisbane, Australia. She began playing music from a young age and gained experience as a musician in various bands before launching her solo career as Hatchie.

Musical Style: Hatchie's music is characterized by its dreamy and ethereal sound, with elements of shoegaze, dream pop, and indie rock. Her songs often feature lush, layered arrangements, reverb-soaked guitars, and her distinctive melodic vocals.

Debut EP "Sugar & Spice": Hatchie gained attention with her debut EP, "Sugar & Spice," released in 2018. The EP featured tracks like "Sure," "Sleep," and the title track "Sugar & Spice." It received critical acclaim for its captivating sound.

Debut Album "Keepsake": In 2019, Hatchie released her debut studio album, "Keepsake." The album continued to explore her dream pop and shoegaze influences and included songs like "Without a Blush" and "Obsessed."

Growing Recognition: Hatchie's music has garnered recognition in the indie music scene, and she has been praised for her ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia and emotion in her songs.

Live Performances: She has toured and performed live to support her music, captivating audiences with her dreamy and immersive live shows.

Collaborations: Hatchie has collaborated with other artists and musicians on various projects, showcasing her versatility as a musician.

Visual Aesthetics: The visual aesthetics of Hatchie's music videos and artwork often complement the dreamy and atmospheric qualities of her music.

Continued Work: Hatchie continues to create and release music, and her career as a dream pop artist remains a notable presence in the indie music landscape.