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Ha Ha Lyrics Yo Gotti & DJ Drama

Ha Ha Lyrics Yo Gotti & DJ Drama

Ha Ha Lyrics Yo Gotti & DJ Drama

[Intro: Yo Gotti & DJ Drama]
Yeah (Gotti, Gangsta Grizzill)

[Verse: Yo Gotti]
Every nigga 'round me got a Richard (Richard)
Every nigga 'round me still pictured (Pictured)
Every nigga 'round me got a foreign (Whippin')
And every nigga 'round me got bitches (Bitches)
Every nigga 'round me got an AP (AP)
Every nigga 'round me just like me (Dope boy)
Every nigga 'round me got a Patek, skelly, Rollie
Everybody sold weed (Yeah)
Everybody with you on codeine, wake up
Quit fuckin' up the bag, lil' nigga, re-up
If a nigga disrespect me, I'ma tee up
Million-dollar dope boy, nigga, wе up
Whole team litty, evеrybody with it
Matter fact, we the toughest niggas ever did it
Standin' on principle and standin' on business
We ain't steepin' 'bout bitches, we steppin' on bitches
New Rolls truck got lemonade seats
Big boy Phantom with two yellow freaks
Fuck nigga thought 'cause I'm rich, that I'm sweet
Haha, the joke'll never be on me
Haha, these niggas ain't beefin' with me
Haha, niggas ain't leechin' off me
Haha, I'm never pushin' P, it's pressure, yeah
I'ma charge a fuck nigga extra, yeah
And if it's my bitch, she special
And if it's your bitch, she regular
Buy the ho a Tesla
Yeah, I'm tryna preserve my energy
A bitch ain't gettin' nothin' else from me, yeah, yeah
Haha, them niggas got pressure
Haha, them bitches ain't special
Haha, haha, nigga so extra
Haha, them niggas don't want no pressure
Haha, haha, niggas ain't smokin' no gas
Fuck nigga smokin' on Tesla
Haha, haha, talkin' all tough, I'll test you
Left, right, swept you, haha, haha (Gangsta Grizzill)

[Outro: Yo Gotti & DJ Drama]
(Haha, haha)
Haha, haha
Haha like my nigga Davis
(Haha, haha)

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Song Credit:–

Song:– Ha H
Singer:– Yo Gotti & DJ Drama
Album:– I Showed U So (2023)
Producer:– jahk, Eza (Producer), Alex Krygsman & GameOver (Producer)
Written:– Yo Gotti & DJ Drama
Label:– Inevitable Productions & CMG The Label
Released:– August 4, 2023

About Yo Gotti:–

Yo Gotti, whose real name is Mario Mims, is an American rapper, songwriter, and record executive. He was born on May 19, 1981, in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Yo Gotti gained prominence in the hip-hop scene for his gritty and authentic storytelling, reflecting the struggles and experiences of life in the streets.

He released his debut album, "Youngsta's On a Come Up," in 1996, and over the years, he has built a successful career with numerous mixtapes and albums. Some of his well-known projects include "Life," "Back 2 da Basics," "The Art of Hustle," and "I Still Am."

Yo Gotti's music often addresses topics like poverty, crime, street life, and the pursuit of success despite challenging circumstances. He has collaborated with several notable artists and has been influential in the southern rap scene.

About DJ Drama:–

DJ Drama, whose real name is Tyree Cinque Simmons, is an American DJ, record executive, and music producer. He was born on April 22, 1978, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. DJ Drama is a prominent figure in the mixtape and hip-hop scene, known for his contributions to the genre and his work with numerous artists.

He gained widespread recognition through his popular mixtape series "Gangsta Grillz," which featured exclusive tracks and collaborations with various hip-hop artists. DJ Drama's mixtapes became highly sought after and helped to elevate the careers of many emerging artists.

In addition to his mixtape success, DJ Drama is a co-founder of the record label Generation Now, along with rapper and entrepreneur Lil Uzi Vert. He has also worked as an A&R executive for Atlantic Records, contributing to the success of several hip-hop acts signed to the label.

Throughout his career, DJ Drama has collaborated with numerous high-profile artists, including T.I., Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Meek Mill, and many others. He is respected for his skills as a DJ and his ability to curate and present music in a way that resonates with the hip-hop community.