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Gang Shit! Lyrics REASON

Gang Shit REASON

Gang Shit! Lyrics REASON

[Intro: REASON]
But you know
Yeah, I know
Just had to tap in
You know check on you, just know that nigga's here for you (Gang, gang)
Know I appreciate you
You know if you need anything, I'm always here for you, bro, you can always tap in
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
Almost two decades over, the memories, countless hours
Smokin' on some potent sour, we used to watch Rocket Power
On a couple fingers, counted the times you would reach out
I guess your music reachin' thousands, so fuck it, you don't need ours
So fuck us, you don't need ours, ain't say it but feel your sentiments
Bougie all in your ligaments, used the hood for your benefits
Benefit off your kin and 'nem, gangbangin' for privilege
Screamin', "Del Amo", steady for clout but we know your innocence, nigga
I know everything, REAS'
Know your auntie, really him, so they lettin' you breathe
Know your bitches, know your feelings, this ain't jealousy, REAS'
This is payin' back the Piper, since them diapers, you used to be here just like us
You movin' too odd, look down on regular guys
Look down from pedestals, spin the narrative every time
REASON, I really know you, I swear this ain't jealousy, nah
REASON, I really know you
Wait, I thought you knew me as Rob
You was my cousin, brother, I love you, was never at odds
How gettin' to the spot that I'm at ever sever them ties?
Know that you use my name just for benefits, hatin' all in your sentiments
Cain DNA, ligaments, written down in these differences
It's blood, sweat, and prayers, so God guidin' my privilege
So fuck a nigga tellin' me, I ain't lovin' my kin and 'nem
And fuck a nigga, tell me I owe him
Loyalty in my veins, you want the sun but ain't share the rain and it's supposed to be gang shit, yeah
And niggas screamin' out, "Gang shit", yeah

[Instrumental Break]

[Verse 2]
Feel the shadows that I walk in from TDE boxes that I've been chalked in
And everywhere I turn, it's a legend that I've been marked with
Everywhere I turn it's, "When is such and such droppin'?"
And "REASON, you kinda cool, but we need such and such album"
And questions 'bout the leaders and captains that I'm surrounded with
It's dumbfounded and I gotta cover home like umpires
The truth is they solidified, ain't gon' be no handouts, it's on me to get my vision high
My issue was thinkin' it's their job to help my ceilin' rise
Everybody got they own shit, own problems, own visions, own bothers
I was thinkin' if we on the same boat, it sail farther
It's my job to feed my family, niggas got their own daughters
My job to break the curses, they'll be there when time is perfect
Depression buildin' from expectations that wasn't worth it
And fans comin' to me with assumptions birthed from the surface
Interviews make me nervous
They askin', "Who the next Kenny?" Don't know and don't care, really
It's opportunity gifted and Top the nigga that signed me
As long as he fuckin' with me, the skies be the limit, nigga
I know that I'm different, nigga, but hate that I gotta keep up this image 'cause y'all thinkin' it's gang shit

Y'all typin' me gang shit
I'm wonderin' where the gang went
Y'all tellin' me gang shit

Bitch, you know, I already told you
The one way to get over an old nigga is to get under a new one
Or his brother
I'm just tired of this fuckin' [?], it's like I'm [?]
Uh, all you do is do, do, do, do, do for this nigga
That nigga doesn't do shit for you, you need to find you a new nigga
Plus, REASON already told you he's willin' to be your side nigga
But you over here actin' all weird
Man, you know she wouldn't like that, shit serious
It's like that, it's like that, it's like that, it's like that
That niggas has money, bitch
Are you not, hello?
He got money, he's that nigga
Ayy, hold on, so what it's gon' be, hold on

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Song Credit:–

Song:– Gang Shit!
Singer:– REASON
Album:– Porches (2023)
Producer:– Sevn Thomas & Reske
Written:– REASON, Sevn Thomas, Reske, Nabeyin & Boi-1da
Released:– August 11, 2023