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FREE DOGGY Lyrics EST Gee ft. 42 Dugg

FREE DOGGY EST Gee ft. 42 Dugg

FREE DOGGY Lyrics EST Gee ft. 42 Dugg

[Intro: 42 Dugg]
Dmac on the fuckin' track
Hey, I still be in the trenches for my grandma
Still shootin' crabs, still takin' care of my mama (Tuned up)

[Verse 1: 42 Dugg]
Bring my niggas back
I got two hundred on your honor
Get these bitches wacked
I got another one, not no nanas
So I ain't know a bitch, for real
Know we bliss for real
'Cause we tote a bitch for real
All the way, can't give a deal
[?] to a nigga who really mobbin'
I see that bitch, might rob her
I'm trippin, I got a problem
My bitches all know I'm solid
Get that pint, I might milly rock it
From drank down to them rocks
[?] know 'bout them [?], but gon' take it to the grave
I ain't never gave 'em no names
All I know, forevеr I'm bangin'
How the fuck you leave mе hangin'?
You the reason I got famous
You see cuz, you better pay
All this money got me anxious (Yeah)
Bitch, all this money, got it on me (Sup?)

[Verse 2: EST Gee]
Opps think I'm lettin' off, finally I'm blockin' from they page
Hood hero like Luke Cage
Don't just glad I ducked and rage
I send opps to outer space
I send packs to other states
I had money befo' fame (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Don't get killed tryna catch no face
Niggas sayin' names, they know me and gang don't play no games
Cost a hunnid K, hope his lawyer beat my brother case
Set the city to flames, burn so hard, told Hus to tear my frames
I ain't switchin' lanes
Gangster 'til they put me in my grave
You know this shit real
I ain't gotta keep going in details
Turnt the city up, we out here spinnin' like a spring wheel
Platinum in the streets and I ain't even drop my presale
I ain't need scales, I did [?]

[Verse 3: 42 Dugg & EST Gee]
I've been a team player, I'm still eatin' of emails (Okay)
My first jug was a piece sale
Got a mean cash in retail
Won't shop again once these gone
I'm lockin' in that grave phone
My best work, your turn niggas still network
She a bad bitch, prolly F her
No rag bitch can claim me
I'm top ten
Send the money we can lock it in, droppin' tens
Nigga play with red, the team get dropped again
We got sticks and fiends
Pull yo' shit back like a lid
You can ask the streets, I ain't gotta speak on what I did
This is how you win when you rap 'bout what you live
My youngin' know I'm on it if they [?]
For my niggas doin' bids
All my bitches throwin' it big, yeah
In that kitchen I get busy
Not that kanine, fuck with Rizzy
Too much residue, I'm dizzy
He pop out, bro goin' spinny
(He went spinny, he went spinny)

Tuned up

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Song Credit:–

Singer:– EST Gee
Featuring:- 42 Dugg
Album:– El Toro 2 (2023)
Producer:– Dmac & Einer Bankz
Written:– EST Gee, 42 Dugg, Dmac & Einer Bankz
Label:– CMG The Label & Interscope Records
Released:– August 18, 2023

About EST Gee:–

EST Gee, whose real name is Stanley Cosby, is an American rapper known for his gritty lyrics, street narratives, and collaborations with prominent artists in the hip-hop scene. He hails from Louisville, Kentucky, and has been gaining attention for his distinctive style and storytelling abilities. Here's some information about him:

Early Life and Background: EST Gee was born on December 7, 1994, in Louisville, Kentucky. He grew up in a challenging environment and often draws from his real-life experiences in his music.

Rise to Prominence: EST Gee began to gain recognition in the rap scene through his mixtapes and collaborations with established artists. His raw and authentic style resonated with listeners who appreciated his honesty and storytelling.

"Ion Feel Nun" and Early Work: One of EST Gee's breakthrough tracks was "Ion Feel Nun." His early mixtapes and tracks helped him build a dedicated fan base.

Collaborations: EST Gee has collaborated with various artists from both underground and mainstream hip-hop scenes. His collaborations often showcase his unique approach to storytelling and his chemistry with fellow artists.

"Bigger Than Life or Death" (2021): EST Gee gained widespread attention with his album "Bigger Than Life or Death," released in 2021. The album features introspective lyrics and collaborations with artists like Lil Baby, Future, and Young Thug.

Street Narratives: His music often delves into street life, struggles, and personal experiences, giving listeners insight into the realities of his background.

Lyrical Style: EST Gee's lyrical content is characterized by its honesty and vivid storytelling, allowing listeners to connect with his narratives.

Connection to Louisville: EST Gee often represents his hometown of Louisville in his music, shedding light on the city's challenges and unique cultural elements.

Independent Spirit: He has maintained an independent mindset throughout his career, focusing on building his brand and connecting with his audience.

Continued Success: EST Gee's rise in the rap scene showcases his potential for continued growth and impact within the industry.

About EST Gee:–

42 Dugg, whose real name is Dion Marquise Hayes, is an American rapper known for his distinctive voice, energetic delivery, and contributions to the hip-hop scene. He hails from Detroit, Michigan, and has gained recognition for his collaborations with other artists and his solo work. Here's some information about him:

Early Life and Background: 42 Dugg was born on November 25, 1994, in Detroit, Michigan. He grew up in the city's tough neighborhoods, and his music often reflects the realities of street life.

Rise to Prominence: 42 Dugg gained attention in the rap scene through his mixtapes and collaborations with established artists. His raw and energetic style stood out and resonated with listeners.

Collaborations and Features: 42 Dugg has collaborated with various artists from the hip-hop scene, contributing his energetic flow and distinctive voice to collaborative tracks.

"Young & Turnt" Mixtape (2019): One of 42 Dugg's early projects that gained attention was the mixtape "Young & Turnt," which showcased his energetic delivery and trap-influenced sound.

Energetic Flow: His music is characterized by his rapid-fire and energetic flow, which adds to the intensity of his performances.

Lyrical Themes: 42 Dugg's lyrics often touch on street life, struggles, and his experiences growing up in Detroit, providing insight into his background.

"We Paid" with Lil Baby: One of his breakthrough tracks is "We Paid," a collaboration with fellow rapper Lil Baby. The song's success helped increase his visibility in the mainstream hip-hop scene.

Solo Music: In addition to his collaborative work, 42 Dugg has released solo projects that showcase his individual style and voice.

Continued Growth: As an emerging artist, 42 Dugg's music continues to evolve, and he has the potential for continued impact within the hip-hop landscape.

Street Authenticity: 42 Dugg's music often reflects the authenticity of his background and upbringing, making him relatable to listeners who appreciate raw and genuine storytelling.