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Fivio Foreign - Who Knew Lyrics

Fivio Foreign - Who Knew Lyrics

Who Knew Lyrics Fivio Foreign

We got the same twenty-four hours, nigga
Why what's mine gotta be ours, nigga?
Talkin' 'bout, "Niggas need help"
Nigga, I was niggas
But I rose out of the dirt, give me my flowers, nigga
I see you hatin', nigga, just admit it
How you playin' victim to a crime that you committed?
How you mad about a life that you ain't livin'?
How you tell me how to spend a bag that you ain't gettin'?
Even my family couldn't stand me
I feel like only Instagram understand me
They kill me in they raps, but I don't believe the cap

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Song Credit:–

Song:– Who Knew
Singer:– Fivio Foreign
Producer:- AyoAA
Written:– Fivio Foreign
Label:– RichFish & Columbia Records

Released:– February 9, 2024