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First Time Lyrics Hozier

First Time Hozier

First Time Lyrics Hozier

[Verse 1]
Remember once I told you about
How before I heard it from your mouth
My name would always hit my ears as such an awful sound
And the soul, if that's what you'd call it
Uneasy ally of the body, it felt nameless as a river
Undiscovered underground

And the first time that you kissed me
I drank dry the River Lethe
The Liffey would have been softer on my stomach all the same
But you spoke some quick new music
That went so far to soothe this soul
As it was and ever shall be, unearth without a name

Some part of me must have died
The first time that you called me, "Baby"
And some part of me came alive
The first time that you called me, "Baby"

[Verse 2]
These days I think I owe my life
To flowers that were left here by my mother
Ain't that like them, giftin' life to you again
This life lived mostly underground
Unknowin' either sight nor sound
'Til reachin' up for sunlight just to be ripped out by the stem

Sensing only now it's dyin'
Drying out, then drowning blindly
Bloomin' forth its every colour
In the moments it has left
To share the space with simple living things
Infinitely suffering, but fighting off like all creation
The absence of itself, anyway

Some part of me must have died
Each time that you called me, "Baby"
But some part of me stayed alive
Each time that you called, each time that you called

Come here
Ooh-la-la, ooh-la-la
Whatever keeps you around, it keeps you around
Ooh-la-la, come here, ooh-la-la
Whatever keeps you around, it keeps you around

[Verse 3]
The last time it was heard out loud
The perfect genius of our hands and mouths were shocked
To resignation as the arguing declined
When I was young I used to guess
Are there limits to any emptiness?
When was the last time
Come here to me, when was the last time?

Some part of me must have died
The final time that you called me, "Baby"
But some part of me came alive
The final time you called me, "Baby"

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Song Credit:–

Song:– First Time
Singer:– Hozier
Album:– Unreal Unearth (2023)
Producer:– Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman & Hozier
Written:– Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman, Alex Ryan & Hozier
Released:– August 18, 2023

About Hozier:–

Hozier, whose real name is Andrew John Hozier-Byrne, is an Irish musician, singer, and songwriter. He gained international recognition for his soulful voice, poetic songwriting, and folk-inspired sound. Hozier was born on March 17, 1990, in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland.

He first rose to prominence with his debut single "Take Me to Church" in 2013, which received widespread acclaim for its powerful vocals and socially conscious lyrics. The song addressed themes of love, religion, and human rights. The accompanying music video also gained attention for its poignant imagery.

Hozier's self-titled debut album, "Hozier," was released in 2014 and featured a mix of folk, soul, and blues influences. The album included tracks like "Someone New," "From Eden," and "Work Song." His music often delves into deep emotional and philosophical themes, and his lyrics are known for their poetic and introspective nature.

He continued to release music, and his subsequent album, "Wasteland, Baby!" (2019), further established his place in the music industry. This album featured singles like "Nina Cried Power" and "Almost (Sweet Music)."

Hozier is celebrated for his unique vocal style and his ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level through his music. His work often addresses themes of love, relationships, social issues, and personal reflection.