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Finding Shelter In My Larynx Lyrics $UICIDEBOY$

Finding Shelter In My Larynx $UICIDEBOY$

Finding Shelter In My Larynx Lyrics $UICIDEBOY$

Everything's black
You did good, $lick
(It's a SMASH!)

[Verse 1: LIL HALF CUT]
I'm screaming, "Fuck love", 'cause I guess I never got enough
Shark attack, and now every summer like I'm Oddy Nuff
Grey Gorilla, I'm gripping my Harambe nuts
How can I trust when my own blood be acting sus? (Fuck)
I got feelings, I could never feel
Keeping a blade up under my tongue just so I can guard my heel
Constantly eating pills like I never skip a meal
At most they want to chill, but I just give 'em Vistaril

Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging service

All these missed calls, texts left on read
When I do answer the phone, it's usually "Who is this again?"
I can see it in their eyes that they see me as a check, as a threat
Fucking hating on me, waiting on me to miss a fucking step
They would love to catch me slipping, yeah, that's why I learned to fly
Always tryna touch the sun before I fall to my demise
Broken skeleton scattered, I'm only buzzing 'cause of the flies
But I gained a million listeners on Spotify overnight

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Song Credit:–

Song:– Finding Shelter In My Larynx
Singer:– $UICIDEBOY$
Album:– I No Longer Fear the Razor Guarding My Heel (V) (2023)
Producer:– Budd Dwyer & Sam Bo Bachrack
Written:– Aristos Petrou, Scott Arceneaux Jr. & Sam Bo Bachrack
Label:– G*59 Records
Released:– August 11, 2023


$uicideboy$ (pronounced "suicide boys") is an American hip-hop duo consisting of two cousins, Ruby da Cherry (Aristos Petrou) and $lick $loth (Scott Arceneaux Jr.). They are known for their unique blend of styles that incorporate elements of hip-hop, trap, and underground rap. The duo emerged from the underground rap scene and gained a substantial following online.

$uicideboy$'s music often touches on dark and introspective themes, including mental health, drug use, and existentialism. Their name and lyrical content reflect these intense and controversial topics. Despite the provocative nature of their content, their fan base appreciates their honesty and vulnerability.

The duo gained significant attention through platforms like SoundCloud, where they released their early mixtapes and gained a dedicated fan following. They've released numerous projects, including mixtapes, EPs, and albums, both as solo artists and as a duo.

Their production style is characterized by dark, atmospheric beats with heavy bass and distorted vocal samples. Their music often includes references to pop culture, internet memes, and various subcultures.

$uicideboy$'s music and visual aesthetics have attracted a dedicated and passionate fan base, and they've managed to achieve a notable level of success independently. They've also faced criticism due to the controversial themes in their music and their name, which some have found offensive.