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Faded off Poor n Riches! Lyrics REASON ft. London Monét

Faded off Poor n Riches REASON

Faded off Poor n Riches! Lyrics REASON ft. London Monét

[Intro: London Monét & REASON]
La, la, la,la
Set me free
I'm as helpless as I'll ever be
Can no one bring me down
August, January 2017
July 2017, March 2017
November 2016, July 2017
July 2017, January 2017
August 2017, November

[Verse: REASON & London Monét]
Hopeless and the arrogant
Oppression our inheritance
The opps a walkin' terrorist
Death of youth imperative
Silent mumble prayers for it
I can't bring my brother back them gates, they don't got stairs for it
Staring down the barrel of my pride, guilt
Trauma, ego, eyes low
Liquor drank, Hydro
Fire smoke, God knows
Call me when that liquor callin'
Auntie, nieces, vision ballin'
They just gave my cousin twelve
Defender public, he ain't mournin'
He don't give a single fuck
We grew up off Snoop, Dre, and Pac, we got that lingo from
Porches where we lingered from (Porches)
Porches gave me reminiscin'
Porches gave me pussy, power, confidence and ego trippin' (Porches)
Porches gave me brothers dyin', blocks spinnin', hop scotch
Cartwheelin', deals, death, mel sentence, cig' smoke
Jail visits, heaven low, hell risen, I can't wait, wait, wait, wait
I can't another funeral that got a rag on it (Porches)
Porches ain't just negative, look at all my past moments
Porches why future grew so big that I can brag on it
Porches where my life settled
Porches taught me hustle 'cause my family had blocks peddled (Porches)
Porches taught my sister to be a queen and do not settle
Jess taught me and P to to think bigger, dream bigger
Lil' niggas, snotty nose, real niggas, look (Porches)
Porches gave me confidence
Black all in melanin, my attitude, my dominance
Porches in my vision, got my hood still in my oculus
Stories from these steps, you hear the pain in all these documents
Tales from my providence
Crazy, I ain't never met you, porches link our guidance (Porches)
They view porches as our limits, I view porches
I got a problem
No, nigga, we got a problem
We got to share that
Yeah, we got to wear that
We got to share those Ws, them habits
Stuck in the mindset
Poverty (Poverty)
Power (Dialect)
Stuck in the mindset
Excuses, stuck in, stuck in, stuck in the mindset
Everything, nigga, we got to share that (Stuck in, stuck in, stuck in the mindset)
Ladies, the pressure (Stuck in the mindset, stuck in the ghetto, mindset, porches), you gotta share that (Poverty, opps, tryin', stuck in the red line)
Death, we got to share that
Life, we got to share that (Power, power, power)
It's a web, we all connected (Porches)
Connected by our wants our dreams, fears, ambitions (Porches)
Nigga, you gon' see, nigga
You gon' see

We all wanna get out
Isn't it ironic to wanna escape the same thing that made you?

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Song Credit:–

Song:– Faded off Poor n Riches!
Singer:– REASON
Featuring:- London Monét
Album:– Porches (2023)
Producer:– Coleman, Ayoo Meco & Saintjayp
Written:– REASON, Markeith Nelson & Sierra Marin
Released:– August 11, 2023