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Cya Tame Lyrics Alkaline

Cya Tame Lyrics Alkaline

Cya Tame Lyrics Alkaline


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Song Credit:–

Song:– Cya Tame
Singer:– Alkaline
Written:– Alkaline
Released:– July 20, 2023

About Troye Sivan:–

Alkaline, whose real name is Earlan Bartley, is a Jamaican dancehall artist and songwriter. He was born on December 19, 1993, in Kingston, Jamaica. Alkaline gained recognition in the dancehall scene for his distinctive style and provocative lyrics.

He rose to prominence around 2013 with the release of several hit singles, including "123," "Things Mi Love," and "Move Mountains." His unique sound and controversial image quickly caught the attention of both fans and critics.

Alkaline is known for his distinctively deep, melodic voice and often uses dark and gritty themes in his music. Some of his songs have been met with controversy due to their explicit content and perceived promotion of "badness" or violence. Despite this, Alkaline has remained a prominent figure in the dancehall genre.

Throughout his career, Alkaline has released several successful albums and mixtapes, such as "New Level Unlocked" (2016) and "Top Prize" (2021). He has amassed a dedicated fanbase, not only in Jamaica but also internationally.