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Come FWM Bae Lyrics Ambjaay

Come FWM Bae Lyrics Ambjaay

Come FWM Bae Lyrics Ambjaay

Come fuck with me, bae
Come fuck with me, bae

Baby want the dick, already knowing
Yeah, I gotta hit, 'cause I see the pussy poking
When she bend it over, I'ma dive in her ocean
I'm nothin' like your last nigga, you fuckin' with a trophy
Damn she got that wet wet, wish she woulda told me
Yeah, I did my lil' dance when she put it on me
Bad bitch with a attitude, she stuck up
When she throw it back, I shoot the club up
Had her leg swingin' in the air like some nunchucks
Fell in love with a toxic thing, players fuck up
Oh, she tryna play my song, gettin' bumped up
If it ain't bout no money, shut the fuck up
Damn, I love bad bitches
Beat the pussy from the side, get the jabbin' in it
She move that thing left and right, she put her ass in it
I put this shit on every day, you know that bag different
So I can brag different

I like what she do to me, shit
Who you gon' choose, them or me
Yeah, my mama made a star, tell him Google me
Yeah, I'm drippin' like a fool, that's like every week
Ooh wee, the whole scene, bitch, shake them booty cheeks
She gon' do it for me, 'cause I'm AMB
She came twenty-two inch, ass shaped like a peach
Ay she turn to a freak off that Henny B
Ay you know how it be, I'ma keep it P
I can beat it all night, man, I'm goin' deep
I'ma beat that thing like I squabbled up
Yeah, I'm feelin' myself, put the bottle up
He can't put that shit on, he ain't one of us
Man, this choppa always spittin' like it's Donald Duck
Bitch, I'm all in for that munyon, cuttin' shit off
If you don't keep it, a hundun
Ay, I beat it from the back, pull on her bun bun
Jay, is they fuckin' with you? Shit, uh-uh
All you wanna drip like me, that's my son-son
I just bleed the whole scene like a tampon
Shit, run it back soon as I drop dick on her
She get the runnin' laps
I just run that bag up like a runnin' back
I just R.I.P'd the pussy, ain't no comin' back
I just put the dick on her, she don't know how to act on gang
What I say, ay, come fuck with me, bae
Come fuck with me, bae
Come fuck with me, bae
Ay, it cost to live like this, you hear me

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Song Credit:–

Song:– Come FWM Bae
Singer:– Ambjaay
Written:– Ambjaay
Released:– July 13, 2023

About Ambjaay:–

Ambjaay is an American rapper and songwriter known for his hit single "Uno." He gained significant attention and popularity with the release of the song in 2019.

"Uno" became a viral sensation, especially on social media platforms like TikTok, where it was widely used in videos and challenges. The song's catchy beat and straightforward lyrics contributed to its widespread appeal, making it a party anthem and helping Ambjaay gain recognition in the music industry.