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Caucasian Estates! Lyrics REASON

Caucasian Estates REASON

Caucasian Estates! Lyrics REASON

Oh, shit
Oh, shit, oh, shit
Oh, shit
Oh, shit

Nigga relax
I push the shit to the max
Foreign, I blew through the racks
I gotta make this shit back
July 2017

[Verse 1]
Way too many fans and not enough wins in here
I take the shit make it double, this feelin' like twins in here
God, please take the wheel, I'm drivin' with sins in here
Funny you started it, I came around, now that end is near
The devil been pushin' the pedal, I drive
That humble shit dead, my ego alive
This Nina stay low, I keep on the side (Of Bronx, Bronx)
Niggas ain't loyal, shit, what a surprise
I trust what I see so I feel with my eyes
Ain't no more splittin' the piece of the pie (Bronx)

Ayy, keep it a stack
You niggas better relax
I push this shit to the max
I gotta make this shit back

[Verse 2]
Hometown nigga, yeah, see no figure here
Porsche got giddy up
Too many fake ones, we can animate
Don't like niggas, yeah, hoes got benefits, ayy
I'm not finished yet, nineteen figure, yeah, time keep tickin', yeah
I can't wait for it, mine can't interfere
I don't trust y'all, why you niggas here? Ayy
Ayy, coldhearted, give these bitches the shakes
Go from ghetto to caucasian estates
Push the button 'fore you come through the gates
Ain't help me eat, we ain't sharin' no plates
I had to triple the rates
Stay silent, niggas fell for the bait
Niggas done fell for the bait

But I kept it intact
You niggas better relax
Foreign, I blew through the racks
I gotta make this shit back

Damn, this nigga takin' forever
Hey, cuz, Rob home
Bring your motherfuckin' ass on

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Song Credit:–

Song:– Caucasian Estates!
Singer:– REASON
Album:– Porches (2023)
Producer:– Vinylz, Maneesh & Allen Ritter
Written:– REASON, Vinylz, Maneesh & Allen Ritter
Released:– August 11, 2023