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afro futurism Lyrics Noname

afro futurism Lyrics Noname

afro futurism Lyrics Noname

Esoteric, generic
Zombie chasin' a carrot, a ferret on solid ground
Remembers a hound dog don't bark at the sun
This a dog eat dog world, she got family to hunt
It's that time of the month
Blunt, bitches and booze, I could smoke on a good mood
You could squabble in the comments, bitch
You are a comet
Orbit 'round me, let my sun shine on you
Third degree, the burn sting, don't say I ain't warned you, nigga
I'm sendin' little books to little bears
Money on the commissaire, solitaire
Mimicking a home
The phone is a shotgun, the mailbox a possum
My letters play dead as they watch from the stock room
What's a costume party with no kids?
A bundle of nightsticks, a huddle of grown men
Chest heavin', breathin' like they god
Uh, slow demented
No incentive to ask, pretense so, so temptin'
To add sentence to sentence
This verse could wrong one three fifths a human
New cats that did ten, too black to not fend
For they life, tightrope the matrix 'til we die
The sky says I'm still alive
The sky says I'm still alive
The sky says we're still alive

First I stayed on the island for like a few months, buh-buh-buh, processin'. Went to the box, I love the box. The box, I love the box on the island, I ain't had to deal with none of them fake niggas, everybody you locked up with was a gangsta, and they was gettin' it and everybody innocent. How you could be gettin' it and innocent at the same time? Oh, my god! So, then I went to the box all my myself and I was like, "This is great," you know what I'm sayin'?

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Song Credit:–

Song:– afro futurism
Singer:– Noname
Album:– Sundial (2023)
Producer:– Nascent
Written:– Noname
Released:– August 11, 2023

About Noname:–

Noname is the stage name of Fatimah Nyeema Warner, an American rapper, poet, and record producer. She gained recognition for her unique style of rap and socially conscious lyrics. She's known for her mixtapes like "Telefone" and "Room 25."